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Oral Anabolic Steroid
Active Substance: Methandienone
Manufacturer: Pumping Iron
Unit: 50 pills (50 mg/pill)

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Product Description

Active Life: 6-8 hours
Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (Oral)
Average Dose: Men 15-50 mg/day……Women 5-10 mg/day
Acne: Yes, especially in higher dosages
Water Retention: Yes, similar to testosterone
High Blood Pressure: Yes
Liver Toxic: Yes
Aromatization: Yes
DHT Conversion: No
Decrease HPTA function: Yes, dose and cycle length dependant
Detection time: 5-6 weeks

Among many other health supplements, methandienone is the one that has derivative properties of testosterone. When talking about its effects, it exhibits strong properties of anabolic and moderate properties of androgenic compounds. People started using and knowing about this compound in 1960 and from that time onwards, this compound is the most favorable one and used by many athletes and sportspersons worldwide. It is effective and it is easy to use – these have made its use very common among the people. It is a fact that it is the most commonly used black market steroid available in many countries including the United States of America.

Methandienone is also known as dianabol and it is a potent steroid like testosterone and anadrol but it has some side effects too, which are sometimes quite noticeable.

Side Effects of Methandienone

When the starters who have not used any steroids before use methandienone, they face estrogenic effects. Gynecomastia can also be caused and seen during the treatment with the methadone and it is the problem seen earlier during the anabolic steroid cycle. Water retention is the other problem people faced by many people. Individuals who have a sensitive body must take some anti estrogen like Tamoxifene or Proviron to keep the estrogen effect under complete control. However, some strong drugs are also available for this purpose and these drugs can be arimidex, femara, or Aromasin.

Some androgenic effects can also be seen, namely oily skin, acne and large growth of body or facial hair. Aggression is also another side effect, so it is recommended not to change the dose during the anabolic steroid cycle. Sometimes pattern baldness is also seen among men. Sometimes practitioners advise the sensitive people not to use this drug and opt for others.

Popularity in Men

Methandienone is quite popular among men only due to its moderately androgenic nature and its properties. When women use this drug, it can cause the virilization effects at the most. Sometimes people experiment with it and low doses are given for muscle growth. The great thing about the methandienone is that it produces mass strength and great gain as well. It is a great choice for bulking purposes and it has its effectiveness when compared to testosterone and others. When methandienone is used is large quantities, it can cause plenty of side effects, so a low dosage is always recommended.

Normal Dosage of Methandienone

Doctors advise to take only 20 to 40 mg of methandienone daily as this dose if quite enough to get the best results even the most-wanted results. Normally the methandienone is combined well with other steroids. It is best to combine methandienone with milddeca durabolin. When both these anabolic steroids are used together, you can expect a great muscle gain and strength. If your dream is to gain out all Masses than testosterone, ester like enanthate can be used. Users will definitely enjoy a lot of gain as well.

Oral Administration of Methandienone

If taken or administered orally, this compound has the composition like c17 alpha alkylated form. This composition makes this drug not negatively effective for the liver, however sometimes it can give toxic effect if the wrong or excess dosage is taken. It is a fact that if you keep using this drug for longer period, then it can result in actual damage, and sometimes, certain kinds of cancers can be caused. For reliable and best methandienone use, it is recommended to keep visiting your doctor during the cycle to overcome any side effects if seen. If you see signs like jaundice, then it is the first sign of the liver problem and proper treatment or revision must be done to the anabolic steroid cycle. Your skin can get yellow and sometimes the eyes show to be yellow instead of white. If you find these symptoms during the usage, then consult the doctor and start the treatment as early as possible.

Half Life of Methandienone

Unlike many other steroids, methandienone half-life is only three to four hours. Due to this, ups and downs in the blood level are expected throughout the day. The user is given a choice to take the tablets twice a day or at one time. Doctors always advise to split up the tablets and then use them. Keep a note and regulate your blood concentration. It is better to take the tablets before training, as we know that blood concentration will be at its peak during the first 2 or 3 hours after administration. If you take it in the daytime, you get the best training hours after the intake of an androgen rich metabolism to heighten the uptake of nutrients.

Considerations during the Purchase of Methandienone

Like the purchase of many other steroids, methandienone must be purchased after lot of considerations and doctor must be consulted before using it. If you take it in proper dosage, you can get the maximum benefits. While on the other hand, if you take the improper or high dose, you might have to face the serious consequences. Methandienone is the best medicine for persons who take its dosage in the proper quantities. You can get the methandienone purchased from many sources like the online websites, drug stores and through the practitioner. You can really expect muscle and strength gains using this drug but the main issue associated with this anabolic steroid is the usage time and the tablets intake. Take tablets proper after a gap to avoid any kind of serious or unwanted consequences and that is the reason you must consult a practitioner before use and even if you find anything wrong during the cycle.


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