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Testosterone Propionate 250

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Injectable Anabolic Steroid
Active substance: Testosterone Propionate

Manufacturer: Pumping Iron, Europe

Unit: 10 mL vial (250 mg/mL)

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Product Description

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a nitrogen retention form of Steroids.


This Steroid will increase nitrogen retention in the muscle thus enabling protein stored in the muscle to a greater extent. Protein is the building block of muscle and helps to increase lean muscle tissue and metabolic rate.


This gives us a great steroid that is highly desired and that’s not the end, there is more good news.


Because of the way Test Prop acts, it will also block muscle wasting hormones such as glucocortico or Cortisol. It is well known that Test was the first man made steroid to be produced, and now it remains the godfather of all steroids.



Use Test Propionate


This steroid is a highly anabolic and androgenic hormone, equal in both parts. It is generally very well-tolerated by all who supplement with it becuase Test is naturally produced in the body and is not a foreign hormone to natural human function.
The Benefits of Test Propionate

• Increased Levels of IGF-1

• Increased Strength & Muscle Mass

• Reduced Body-Fat & Increased Recovery


Best Use:


Test Prop is a short ester and needs to be injected every few days while you can inject Test Cyponce per week. Test P however, causes the least side effects and the least bloating. For this reason, its often the first choice in cutting cycles.


Cycling with Test Prop


Because Test Propionate is short acting, you will want to inject frequently. This could deter newcomers initially but is still an excellent choice for first cycles. During your bulking cycle, you could stack it with Deca DurabolinDianabol or Anadrol for a kick start to mass and strength gains.
Test is the all-round best mass builder out there and stacks excellently with virtually everything with great results. Although, for the beginner, it is generally not necessary for you to stack with Orals on a first cycle. This will allow enough time to get used to the whole concept.


Make sure you have a stack of ancillary drugs such as Nolvadex or Clomid to hand in case of water retention or fat weight etc. If this is the case you could take for instance, one nolvadex tablet per day week on week off. This would help lower the sides and combat an anti-estrogen.

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Buy Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone in general is a very popular anabolic steroid, and although there exist a plethora of different esterified variants of Testosterone as well as different Testosterone products (such as Sustanon 250), Testosterone Propionate happens to be the least popular Testosterone preparation among the three primary esterified variants (Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, and Testosterone Propionate). This is not to say that Testosterone Propionate is an unpopular anabolic steroid – on the contrary, it is very popular and caters to a niche group of anabolic steroid users that prefer it among the others. It just so happens to be that due to the uncomfortable and inconvenient injections and administration schedule, Testosterone Propionate is merely the least popular of the three.

Any individual looking to buy Testosterone Propionate will not be disappointed to see that because Testosterone in general is a staple in every smart anabolic steroid user’s cycles, it too is a staple in the list of products that all sources and vendors should carry in their stock. Testosterone Propionate is the least utilized ester variant of Testosterone in the world, but is nevertheless extremely common on the anabolic steroid market.

Standard manufactured concentrations of Testosterone Propionate products are 100mg/ml, and although underground laboratories can and do often create even higher concentrations, this is rarely seen due to the chemistry involved in the amounts of co-solvents (benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate) involved in keeping the solution properly suspended due to the nature of Testosterone Propionate itself. However, the industry standard of pharmaceutical grade products (and most underground products) of Testosterone Propionate is 100mg/ml, 50mg/ml, and 25mg/ml.

Pharmaceutical Grade Versus Underground Labs

Individuals researching and shopping around to buy Testosterone Propionate will always be confronted with two primary categories or grades of product:

1. Pharmaceutical grade: These are pharmaceutical products manufactured and marketed by FDA (or any equivalent organization) approved pharmaceutical companies. The products resulting from these companies are of very high quality, accurately dosed, guaranteed sterility, and purity. This is due to the vast amount of oversight by the FDA and tight quality control. The downside to such high quality products is, of course higher prices due to the manufacturing costs and the costs often required to cover R&D.

2. Underground lab (UGL) grade: Undergound labs are non-FDA approved laboratories that are set up (often illegally depending on which country) to produce anabolic steroids. The conditions under which these labs are run can range from pharmaceutical grade facilities to labs set up in a house basement, which of course translates to widely varying ranges of quality in the products (due to no FDA or similar oversight and quality control). The benefit to such products is, of course, lower cost compared to pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids.

Unfortunately the only products to be covered in detail here will be pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Propionate products, and due to the immense popularity and widespread manufacture/use of Testosterone Propionate, far too many pharmaceutical grade products exist to list all of them. Even more UGL grade Testosterone Propionate products are in existence than pharmaceutical grade, and it would essentially become a never-ending and futile effort to list every single UGL product here in detail. The other issue of this matter is that thousands of underground laboratories exist across the world, and many of them set up and shut down so frequently that one UGL product on the market today may not be around tomorrow, while a brand new UGL that has been set up tomorrow will be marketing a new product just as the previous lab has shut down.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Although Testosterone Propionate is not as commonly used among athletes and bodybuilders as the other two popular preparations (Enanthate and Cypionate), Testosterone Propionate is just as popular and widespread on the anabolic steroid market as the other two.

It must be first mentioned that very little to no Testosterone Propionate products are being manufactured in the United States due to the various factors mentioned throughout this article thus far. Therefore, any individuals looking to buy Testosterone Propionate products of American origin should avoid them at all costs for concern that they are most likely counterfeit or fake items.

The closest Testosterone Propionate product to an American one would be the Canadian product known as Anatest, manufactured by Vetoquinol. Anatest comes in a 100mg/ml concentration contained in a 10ml multi dose vial. Canadian pharmaceutical products are known as being very high quality products that must adhere to strict and stringent standards in regards to manufacturing, dosing, sterility, etc. The one issue with this particular brand is the unfortunate fact that there are no currently existing anti-counterfeit security measures (in the form of hologram stickers or otherwise) in order to deter counterfeiting operations. Therefore, every individual should be cautious when looking to buy Testosterone Propionate of this brand. The actual rate of counterfeit Anatest products is unknown at the moment.

Following Canada in terms of Western products would be in the UK, where the pharmaceutical company Nordic manufactures a Testosterone Propionate product known as Virormone. Virormone comes in 2ml glass ampoules, dosed at 100mg/ml. These are not commonly found in the United States, but are known to circulate the anabolic steroid market within the United States occasionally. The only problem with this product is the fact that anabolic steroid manufacturing and distribution by pharmaceutical firms in the UK has become increasingly restricted in recent years as of the time of writing this profile (2013).

Mexico is a popular location to find Testosterone Propionate. This is where the company Brovel manufactures a Testosterone Propionate product for export dosed at 50mg/ml, but this is a veterinary product. Veterinary products are manufactured to generally the same standards as human pharmaceutical grade products, but may be cheaper, however.

In Eastern Europe, Balkan Pharmaceuticals located in Bulgaria manufactures Testosteron, contained in glass ampoules of a 1ml size. Contained within is Testosterone Propionate dosed at 50mg/ml. Fakes and counterfeits of this product are not a common occurrence. Also within Eastern Europe is Ukraine’s Farmak product which is a generic Testosterone Propionate product that is highly exported. It is dosed at 50mg/ml. Poland is the home to the pharmaceutical corporation Jelfa, which produces Testoseronum Propionicum dosed at 25mg/ml in 1ml glass ampoules. This Polish product is very common among Eastern Europe but is not common in the United States. Individuals in the United States will mostly be able to access this product via online pharmacies and anabolic steroid vendors operating directly out of Eastern Europe.

Counterfeits and Fakes

Individuals looking to buy Testosterone Propionate should be aware that fake product masquerading as pharmaceutical grade items is of a moderate to high concern. Being that Testosterone Propionate is one of the three major Testosterone preparations, the conclusion is that users should exercise caution when seeking pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Propionate. A single piece of advice is to ensure the purchase of glass ampoule products, as these are more difficult for counterfeit operations to fake. However, with this being said, there are counterfeit operations that are more than capable of developing glass ampoules.


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